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I've been waiting you for so long. Where have you been, bitch?

I apologize for keeping you waiting. As you know, I'm a whore. Can I do you any favor?

Hey hey what the fuck is your problem??? Keep your hand out of my bulge you insane motherfucker!!

I'm afraid I'm not gonna move anywhere, Walker. Coz' you're an asshole. And you deserve rubbish to be sticked on you fuck face.

OMG.. what did I just said? I'm terribly sorry sir. As you know, I'm a total bitch. And you're my supervisor. Too bad.

So, explain me why did you choose this crappy topic for your final year project. Do you think I'm gonna read this? I spent 23 hours outside campus, and I believe you don't expect me to count the pages for you, don't cha?

'Coz I thought you were gay, Sir.

And if I knew you're straight, I should've bribe you with cunt or something. You don't even look good. For whatever you've said to me, I'm sure you could see your own motherfuckers reflection inside my cornea.

I'm so craving for my lunch now. Promise you gonna meet me again this Monday. Make sure you fix all that fucked up things you've done wrong in your paper, or I'm gonna kill you.

I promise, you ethnocentric bad-looking Caucasian.

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