A devil and a white piece of cloth...

oleh sorensen pada 05 Jun 2010 dalam

A person had just turned back and chosen to change his path. It was a very tough time, a very hard decision and the most controversial thing that he might ever made for the entire of his life. If you are at his place, would you tolerate any interference or anything that might disturb you and your new believes?

What is your reason? Because you don't have a very strong faith towards your belief? Or because you think that it is totally fine to molest a 'baby' for the fact that you're a 'pedophile' since born?

Improve your way of living, that is the thing that you HAVE to do. I am not perfect, but still it is my responsibility too, to stop something that I know WILL be happening in the future, and the consequences that might be caused by YOUR action towards OUR religion.

I'm taking this seriously, as serious as the matter might be. So I'm warning you...

Or I will make sure you get it.

This is my pledge.

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